Peer Review Process

Preparing an article based on the frameworks outlined in the Author's Guide

2- Submit the article through the system with full details of the author (s), phone number and email

3. Appoint one of the authors as the author responsible for the journal

4- Initial review of the article by the journal's editorial staff and editorial staff to determine whether the initial acceptance, or correction, of the format will be forwarded to the referee or subsequently rejected or rejected at this stage and archived.

5- If the article is approved by the journal management, send it to the relevant and reputable reviewers via the system

6. If the referees approve and declare their opinion that the article is necessary, submit it to the author (s) for reform.

7. Refereeing to control the reforms requested by the comparative arbitrators

8. Submit an article to the editorial board for final review or approval

9- Putting the article in print at the discretion of the journal's management

10. Publishing an article accepted in the journal