Aims and Scope

The goals of the Journal of Regional Planning published by the Islamic Azad University of Marvdasht are:

Publish and publish articles that lead to sustainable development in the areas of the city, the countryside and the countryside. To this end, the Regional Planning Framework, for the purpose of being specialized only in matters related to the region, regional planning and development, includes the following articles:

- Regional and Regional Planning - Regional planning and planning

- Town and Urban Development Planning - Village and Rural Development Planning

- Urban planning and design of regional spaces - Regional design

- Regional Economy - Strategic Regional Planning

- Issues of metropolises and urbanization - Ecotourism and cultural practices in the region

- Rural-urban relations and links - Morphology and typology of the region

- Land preparation - Regional partnership, cooperation and sustainable development

- Economic and social characteristics of the region - Rural-urban migration

- Civil and Regional Development - Social Welfare and Regional Development

- Geography and Regional Planning - Climate and Logic Planning